Hache Tag : Surprisingly good

Hache – Shoreditch (Their website)

Reviewer Burger Bants Fries
Captain Burger (LH)  7.5 8 5.5
Bantersaurus Rex (GH)  7 8 6
Ramsdale Junior (CR)  8 8.5 7
Ramsdale Senior (SR)  8 8 6
Average Score 7.6 8.1 6.1

*Captain Burger thumbs up – The Bleeker Str burger we had on the way there as a starter.

*Captain Burger thumbs down – Hotbox being closed for maintenance and our plan B Bleeker being outside on a cold evening.

 Verdict detour

St Paddys Burger

St Paddys Burger

BR and RS

BR and RS

Captain Burger and RJ

Captain Burger and RJ


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