Return of the Mac – Christmas jumper edition

Mac & Wild – Liverpool Street Popup(Their website)
Voted London’s Best Burger 2016
Beef patty, venison patty, with cheese,
béarnaise & caramelised
Onions; served on a brioche bun

Reviewer Burger Fries
Captain Burger (LH) 7.5 8
Bantersaurus Rex (GH) 7 7.5
Ramsdale Junior (CR) 8 8.5
Ramsdale Senior (SR) 8 8.5
Average Score 7.6 8.1

*Captain Burger thumbs up – I mean the highlight had to be our amazing Christmas jumpers, right? The staff were also super friendly and full of admiration for our jumpers.

Special mention to the Scotch egg! I guess it’s a Scottish restaurant so makes sense.

*Captain Burger thumbs down – The barman outside who tried to advise us what to order. IT’S A BURGER CLUB!


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