Harry up & get down there

Dirty Harrys – Soho

Now this burger we were really excited about. Captain Burger is already a massive fan of Burger & Beyond after eating approximately 7 of them during Glastonbury 2016! This is their first permanent central London spot and was a collaboration with Other Side Fried who do great chicken burgers in Pop Brixton. A collab between the two (i.e a burger topped with fried chicken skin)could be nothing but sensational, right?

Reviewer Burger Fries
Captain Burger (LH) 7.5 8
Bantersaurus Rex (GH) 7.5 7.5
Ramsdale Junior (CR) 8.5 8
Ramsdale Senior (SR) 8.5 7
Average Score 8 7.6

*Captain Burger thumbs up – the cocoa and maple chicken strip sides. The first time in WBC history a second side has been ordered after the main event!

*Captain Burger thumbs down – the waitress was fairly naff! Sort your life out!


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