Was hoping for moor…

Hawksmoor – Guildhall(Their website)

Reviewer Burger Fries
Captain Burger (LH) 6 8.5
Bantersaurus Rex (GH) 6 8
Ramsdale Junior (CR) 6 7.5
Ramsdale Senior (SR) 5 8
Approved Attendee(AAAE) 7 6.5
Average Score 6 7.7

*Captain Burger thumbs up – Planning how WBC is going to take over the world! That and the Ramsdales smugly getting on the tube in the wrong direction and then pretending it never happened. Lame.

*Captain Burger thumbs down – The Wine @ £10 a glass was extortionate! The burger itself was a massive let down, they may do the “best steak in London” but best burger they do not! It looked good, was cooked properly however the structure of the bun was all wrong, they were super stingy with the cheese and the minute I had finished eating the burger…I had forgotten all about it!