Las time we go here!

Las Iguanas – Southbank

Even though going to a non burger focused, chain restaurant is sort of against WBC core principals, due to some last minute scheduling problems off we head to Las Iguanas on the Southbank. Las Iguanas was added to the list when they were recently crown the overall winners at the National Burger Awards! It was the first year this event had been held and seemed to be missing a bunch of the top burger dogs in the country, and we were more than a little surprised to see Las Iguanas coming out on top…so we had to give them a chance to prove us wrong.

Although one of the best WBC meatups in ages, it was not due to the burgers…in essence, they failed the test…horribly.

Reviewer Burger Fries
Captain Burger (LH) 7 7.5
Bantersaurus Rex (GH) 7 6.5
Ramsdale Junior (CR) 4.5 6.5
Ramsdale Senior (SR) 4 6
Average Score 5.6 6.6

*Captain Burger thumbs up – the banter, oh the banter yeth! And the choritho was good too…thank-you (Hebrew for thank-you)

*Captain Burger thumbs down – the burgers…the post burger loo incident(s) potentially caused by said burgers. Sad face.

The Buenos Aires Burger with Sweet P fries

RJ did not approve of our drinks choice

Not so much