Certainly in good company

Bite Me Burger Co – Holborn (Old Queens Head)

Relatively new kids on the burger block, we were keen to get down and try something a bit different, sliders! Which of course allowed us to deviate slightly from pure beef burgers./p>

Reviewer Burger Fries
Captain Burger (LH) 8.5 7.5
Bantersaurus Rex (GH) 8.5 6
Ramsdale Junior (CR) 8.5 7.5
Ramsdale Senior (SR) 8.5 7.5
Average Score 8.5 7.1

*Captain Burger thumbs up – the variety of choice on the burgers, each one was superb

*Captain Burger thumbs down – slightly odd basement venue but if it was busier, maybe I would have felt differently.

go go go


Lucky in love

Lucky Chip – Islington (Old Queens Head)

With multiple branches to choose from including the upmarket “burgers & wine” option, you have no excuses not to track down this beaut of a burger.

Reviewer Burger Fries
Captain Burger (LH) 8.5 9
Bantersaurus Rex (GH) 8 8.5
Ramsdale Junior (CR) 9 8
Ramsdale Senior (SR) 9 7
Average Score 8.6 8.1

*Captain Burger thumbs up – The burger, it exceeded all expectations!!

*Captain Burger thumbs down – The man in the pub who had clearly wet himself :(!

go go go


Las time we go here!

Las Iguanas – Southbank

Even though going to a non burger focused, chain restaurant is sort of against WBC core principals, due to some last minute scheduling problems off we head to Las Iguanas on the Southbank. Las Iguanas was added to the list when they were recently crown the overall winners at the National Burger Awards! It was the first year this event had been held and seemed to be missing a bunch of the top burger dogs in the country, and we were more than a little surprised to see Las Iguanas coming out on top…so we had to give them a chance to prove us wrong.

Although one of the best WBC meatups in ages, it was not due to the burgers…in essence, they failed the test…horribly.

Reviewer Burger Fries
Captain Burger (LH) 7 7.5
Bantersaurus Rex (GH) 7 6.5
Ramsdale Junior (CR) 4.5 6.5
Ramsdale Senior (SR) 4 6
Average Score 5.6 6.6

*Captain Burger thumbs up – the banter, oh the banter yeth! And the choritho was good too…thank-you (Hebrew for thank-you)

*Captain Burger thumbs down – the burgers…the post burger loo incident(s) potentially caused by said burgers. Sad face.

The Buenos Aires Burger with Sweet P fries

RJ did not approve of our drinks choice

Not so much


Harry up & get down there

Dirty Harrys – Soho

Now this burger we were really excited about. Captain Burger is already a massive fan of Burger & Beyond after eating approximately 7 of them during Glastonbury 2016! This is their first permanent central London spot and was a collaboration with Other Side Fried who do great chicken burgers in Pop Brixton. A collab between the two (i.e a burger topped with fried chicken skin)could be nothing but sensational, right?

Reviewer Burger Fries
Captain Burger (LH) 7.5 8
Bantersaurus Rex (GH) 7.5 7.5
Ramsdale Junior (CR) 8.5 8
Ramsdale Senior (SR) 8.5 7
Average Score 8 7.6

*Captain Burger thumbs up – the cocoa and maple chicken strip sides. The first time in WBC history a second side has been ordered after the main event!

*Captain Burger thumbs down – the waitress was fairly naff! Sort your life out!


Was hoping for moor…

Hawksmoor – Guildhall(Their website)

Reviewer Burger Fries
Captain Burger (LH) 6 8.5
Bantersaurus Rex (GH) 6 8
Ramsdale Junior (CR) 6 7.5
Ramsdale Senior (SR) 5 8
Approved Attendee(AAAE) 7 6.5
Average Score 6 7.7

*Captain Burger thumbs up – Planning how WBC is going to take over the world! That and the Ramsdales smugly getting on the tube in the wrong direction and then pretending it never happened. Lame.

*Captain Burger thumbs down – The Wine @ £10 a glass was extortionate! The burger itself was a massive let down, they may do the “best steak in London” but best burger they do not! It looked good, was cooked properly however the structure of the bun was all wrong, they were super stingy with the cheese and the minute I had finished eating the burger…I had forgotten all about it!


Return of the Mac – Christmas jumper edition

Mac & Wild – Liverpool Street Popup(Their website)
Voted London’s Best Burger 2016
Beef patty, venison patty, with cheese,
béarnaise & caramelised
Onions; served on a brioche bun

Reviewer Burger Fries
Captain Burger (LH) 7.5 8
Bantersaurus Rex (GH) 7 7.5
Ramsdale Junior (CR) 8 8.5
Ramsdale Senior (SR) 8 8.5
Average Score 7.6 8.1

*Captain Burger thumbs up – I mean the highlight had to be our amazing Christmas jumpers, right? The staff were also super friendly and full of admiration for our jumpers.

Special mention to the Scotch egg! I guess it’s a Scottish restaurant so makes sense.

*Captain Burger thumbs down – The barman outside who tried to advise us what to order. IT’S A BURGER CLUB!